Freestyle Review: Ayna-"To Know Ayna" CD

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Freestyle Review: Ayna-"To Know Ayna" CD

Postby frankie » Thu, 02 Sep 2010 2:54 am

I meant to write reviews awhile back, I'm starting again with one of my favorite new school Freestyle artists Ayna.No stranger to Freestyle music..Ayna has released the Freestyle albums "Free" and "Untold Stories"..she is back with her 3rd CD "To Know Ayna"..The CD has a couple of familiar tracks remixed and alot of new ones.The Cd cover artwork is the best out of her Cds."Yesterday" is my favorite from Cd its a great Freestyle song produced by Willie "Valentin" Rivera.I love the fact that they bring new sounds to Freestyle and make it fresh."Prisoner" and "Forget U Not" are also well done Freestyle songs.The Cd also includes a bonus Dvd of Freestyle video "Prisoner", definitly the best of Ayna videos..although it is very low budget, its good that Freestyle videos are still made.This is how Cds should be released today CD/DVD with both even its just one video or interview etc..Its hard to sell Cds now, especially with Freestyle music..Ayna did smart thing with both and at affordable price..good job Ayna! out of 4 stars i give the Cd 3.5/4
AYNA-"To Know Ayna"

1. "Prisoner" Freestyle
2. "Sexy Control" Electro Clash
3. "Yesterday" Freestyle
4. "Dame Mas" Latin Dance
5. "Deception" Freestyle
6. "On the Dance floor"(remix) Freestyle
7. "My Life" Freestyle Ballad
8. "Forget U Not" Freestyle
9. "Day 2 Night" Freestyle
10. "Someone for me"(remix) Freestyle/Trance
11. "A Promise" Trance
12. "Already Over" Freestyle
"Prisoner" Freestyle video

more info or you can download some songs from
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