Song ID Help !!!

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Song ID Help !!!

Postby Indelibul » Fri, 02 Oct 2015 3:04 pm

Hi people ! I wanna little help to identify an electro/freestyle song,which im searchin' more than 13 years.The track is from a breakdance event in Bulgaria (where im from) back in 1999.The song sounds almost like Music Instructor's "Electric city",i think the bass lines are similar ,but the strings here are different.The quality is shitty 'cause i ripped this clip directly to my pc from vhs ... I really think the track is released between 1997-1999.The song as you can hear starts with a helicopter sound if this will be helpful.. I asked alotta true electro fans,many people but nobody cant tell me whats the name of the song.I still gotta hopes you people can help me to find the right answer.Thanks in advance!

and heres another bboys jammin at this track :
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